Wedding Guest Dresses

So you’ve just been invited to a wedding. Now it’s time to begin the hunt for the dress that will be sure to impress all of the other joyful guests! Begin your search by browsing through our collection of spectacular wedding guest dresses perfect for the occasion. Dresses Place is the only site you’ll need to shop!


Pink Homecoming Dress Accented with Silver...

$265.00   $201.00

Lavender Floral One Shoulder Sweetheart Ne...

$265.00   $201.00

Modern Victorian Gown

$262.00   $209.00

Faded Plum Sweetheart Pageant Dress

$210.00   $161.00

Pink See Through Shouldered Sequenced Dress

$459.00   $323.00

Periwinkle Peasant Dress

$300.00   $225.00

Silver Sheer Gem Studded Sleeve Dress

$522.00   $348.00

Yellow Tiered Dress with Empire Waist

$270.00   $204.00

Blue Mesh Sleeved Shoulder Dress Accented ...

$512.00   $360.00

Ruby Red Applique Shoulder Dress

$703.00   $466.00

Light Pink Strapless Straight Cut Gown

$256.00   $194.00

Baby Pink Beaded Sleeved Ruched Gown

$459.00   $323.00

Pink Tool Shouldered Detailed Gown

$480.00   $338.00

Sparkling Wine Cap Sleeved Dress

$529.00   $371.00

Ombre Blue Mesh and Beaded Shouldered Gown

$459.00   $323.00

Silver and Blue Full Sequenced Butterfly S...

$621.00   $413.00

Soft Pink Royal Sleeved with Detailed V-neck

$438.00   $309.00

Black Scoop Quarter Sleeve Dress

$245.00   $186.00

Cherry Red Surplice Peek-a-boo Shoulder Dress

$585.00   $389.00

Black Cap Sleeve Dress

$558.00   $372.00

A wedding is one of the most elegant events you will ever attend. Everyone on the guest list has taken this opportunity to put their best foot forward. They want to make sure that the setting is beautiful enough to fit the wondrous celebration of love that is taking place before them, and they do this by picking out the most finely tailored and designed formal attire available. Pay your respects to the passion of romance by choosing a dress that will make you look divine. One of the best ways to make the bride smile all the more is to give her the treat of having a fashionably dressed gathering of her closest friends and family.

Our fine collection of wedding guest dresses is filled with an innumerable amount of styles that are wonderfully romantic and perfectly appropriate. The most important thing to keep in mind when attending a wedding is that your look should never outshine that of the bride’s. It is her special day, so leave the over-the-top fashions for another time. It is always best to decide upon a style that is subtle and soft-spoken. You won’t have to worry about looking a bit out of place when you rely on the savvy of our fashion experts to provide you with a massive selection of garments that are pretty and proper. But just because you need to select a more understated look doesn’t mean that you can’t look gorgeous and glamorous. Our dresses are the perfect balance of simplicity and luxury. You will fall in love with our ravishing designs, this much is guaranteed. It doesn’t matter if it’s an extravagantly formal wedding or a more casual celebration; Dresses Place carries such a diverse range of designs that you will almost find it impossible to pick just one!