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The results have exceeded our expectations. We have been able to improve the quality of both the baseline data and our operations. Our process has been described and our operational chain is now faster and more reliable. Cost-savings are an added plus, as engineers no longer need to do extra work.
Kari Luhtanen
Real Estate Manager
Key Benefits
Helps manage and coordinate your asset information ​
Improves efficiency and cuts project and lifecycle costs
Ensures the success of your investment projects and maintenance operations leaving you to focus on your core business

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free online casino games blackjack,Do you know where your important documents are stored? Is your information accurate and up-to-date? Have you protected your legacy data and intellectual property (IP)? Does the information you have facilitate effective planning? Do you even know who's in charge of all this?

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international poker sites for indian players’s dedicated team coordinates and manages all relevant asset information on your behalf, ensuring your data is always accurate and up-to-date.,epic ape slot

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Aerospace and defense

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demo slots for fun,international poker sites for indian players AIM helps manage and coordinate asset information, improve efficiency, and cut project and lifecycle costs, ensuring the success of your investment projects and maintenance operations. It helps reduce downtime and compliance risk, maximize capacity, and lower operating, engineering, and design costs.

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ISO 55000 - for long-term asset management

ISO 55000 is a series of standards for optimised asset management. The core feature of the standard is the establishment of an Asset Management System (AMS). An AMS is set up to manage, coordinate and control the business so that an organisation realises the values of its facility in a cost-effective and resource-efficient way and achieves its defined goals.

Facility information is an asset that, when managed correctly, adds great value to an organisation. This value needs to be realised in order to meet the information needs required by efficient asset management. international poker sites for indian players’s AIM is based on the requirements and guidelines set out in ISO 55000 to establish effective information management and to make sure that the company’s information requirements are met.

ISO 19650 - throughout the life cycle

During the life cycle of a facility, a very large amount of information is produced and processed, above all in different types of projects. Almost all major investment projects today work with BIM (Building Information Modelling), which in simple terms can be described as an approach to how integrated digitalisation of the entire construction and management process is applied. This way of working creates completely new challenges, above all for the receiving and managing organisation.

ISO 19650 is an international standard embracing the different aspects of information management throughout a facility’s life cycle, in both project and operational phases. Ownership, coordination, requirement management and information processes are some of the important elements described in the standard.

Together with ISO 55000, it forms a robust framework for effective information management to make sure that the organisation achieves its defined goals.

ISO 81346 - for industrial facilities

What does it cost to run an industrial facility? What are the different parts of a piece of equipment and how do they fit together? What information is available for a product? These are questions that the ISO 81346 standard can help to answer.

This standard deals with how to structure industrial systems, installations, equipment and products, and how to assign reference designations to all parts. This makes it possible to identify all constituent objects and link information and documents to the objects.

A facility that is structured in accordance with ISO 81346 has major advantages when it comes to conversion and extension works. It will be easier to keep the facility register and associated information updated by “extending” the existing system.

Relying on an established standard also provides clarity in collaboration and communication with external contractors and facilitates the exchange of information.

Structuring information for a facility also makes troubleshooting and maintenance more efficient.

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