Evening Dresses

It truly doesn’t matter where she’s going, every woman desires to look her best at all times. But when it comes to special occasions, women never hesitate to pull out all of the stops to ensure that they look their most stunning. Dresses Place provides an ever-growing selection of impeccable evening dresses designed by the most creative and artistic fashion experts in the world. Just a quick glance at our booming assortment of gorgeous dresses will leave you speechless!


Light Grey Round Swoop Neck Classic Dress

$560.00   $393.00

Silver and Pink One Shoulder Elegant Pagea...

$248.00   $188.00

Sexy Black Mother of the Bride Dress

$205.00   $185.60

Pink Silver and White Couture Cheap Prom D...

$156.00   $146.00

Dramatic Tri Color Fashion Dress

$228.00   $206.00

Royal Famine Blue One Shoulder Prom Dress

$290.00   $219.00

Short Sleeved Pink Modest Evening Gown

$403.00   $311.00

Frosted Purple Sofia Evening Gown

$219.00   $207.00

Black Sweetheart Top with Sleeves

$248.00   $188.00

Italian Blossom Formal Cocktail Dress

$298.00   $206.00

Ambassador Aqua Pageant Dress

$274.00   $242.30

Light Coral Pink One Shoulder Modest Prom ...

$495.00   $329.00

Castle Dreams Lavender and Black Elegant E...

$285.00   $250.40

Pink Jeweled Conniefox Evening Gown

$430.00   $331.00

Harvest Gold and Brown Long Cocktail Dress

$213.00   $202.00

Grey-Beige Wrapped Evening Gown

$419.00   $323.00

Cap Sleeve Silver Evening Gown

$240.00   $226.00

Emerald Green Mesmerizing Cheap Homecoming...


Frosted Pink Special Occasion Dress

$422.00   $325.00

Pink Floral Stars Prom Dress

$298.00   $224.00

No matter who she is, every woman anticipates the opportunity that a black-tie affair provides. This is the moment that she can seize to make all others take notice of what an exemplary woman she is. For your formal occasion, don’t hold back. Start by shopping our collection of elegant evening dresses to find a look that will turn you into the star of the night!

People may show up at the event to see what was advertised on its flyer, but they will linger for the rest of the night simply to be in your presence. Not a single soul will wish to pull their eyes off of you for even the briefest moment. That is how enchanting you will look in one of our remarkable evening gowns. You will become the unexpected treat that makes the scenery of whatever soiree or gala you’re attending go from pleasant to spectacular. Perhaps too many will be overcome by envy or admiration to tell it to you themselves, but just one look at their awe-struck faces will be enough to realize that your beauty will have captured everyone’s intent interest.

Dresses place offers gowns of every style, size and color to ensure that each individual woman can find a dress that suits her own unique tastes. Whether you want to look like a five-star diva who never settles for less than the best, or a prim and proper embodiment of soft-spoken femininity, our beautiful assortment of dresses will impress you with its diversity and refinement. No other dress retailer can compete with the quality of merchandise that we provide. Envelop yourself in the cascades of silky, exclusive fabrics. Adorn yourself with a myriad of shining jewels and beads. Treat yourself to endless luxury by choosing your evening gown from Dresses Place!