Bridesmaid Dresses

Now has come the time for your cherished friend to have her big day. Ensure that you look picture perfect for her wedding by shopping our expansive collection of fine bridesmaid dresses. Our garments feature the most beautiful design elements in fashion so that you can be guaranteed to look and feel your best while supporting your friend, the blushing bride!


Light Grey Round Swoop Neck Classic Dress

$560.00   $393.00

Silver and Pink One Shoulder Elegant Pagea...

$248.00   $188.00

Dramatic Tri Color Fashion Dress

$228.00   $206.00

Frosted Purple Sofia Evening Gown

$219.00   $207.00

Light Coral Pink One Shoulder Modest Prom ...

$495.00   $329.00

Jewel Strapless Prom Dress

$354.00   $276.00

Cap Sleeve Silver Evening Gown

$240.00   $226.00

Pink Floral Stars Prom Dress

$298.00   $224.00

Light Peach Cream One Shoulder Bow Evening...

$232.00   $177.00

Spring Yellow One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

$278.00   $210.00

Crown Jewel Metallic Cocktail Dress Cleara...

$279.00   $199.00

Pink and Gray Strapless Bridesmaid Gown

$321.00   $299.00

Harvest Gold and Brown Long Cocktail Dress

$213.00   $202.00

Light Yellow Cream Floral Bridesmaid Dress

$320.00   $240.00

Red and White Elegant Evening Dress

$222.00   $170.00

Brown Satin Strapless Evening Gown with Be...

$224.00   $191.30

Pink One Shoulder Prom Dress

$290.00   $219.00

Strapless Couture Purple Bridesmaid or Eve...

$257.00   $227.90

Dark Gray V-neck Empire Waist Prom Dress

$285.00   $215.00

Bright Green Strapless Evening Gown

$352.00   $264.00

It is always an immense honor to be asked to be one of the bridesmaids in your gal pal’s wedding. You know that she treasures your friendship and trusts you to be there by her side on the most important day of her life. Now while this occasion may be wildly exciting, it may also inspire quite a bit of anxiety. Bridesmaids are always extremely nervous about what dress they will wear at the wedding. In fact, this nervousness has become so notorious that it is even the inspiration of countless jokes and comedies. By shopping at Dresses Place, you will eliminate any need for worry when it comes to choosing the gown that is not only everything the bride desires, but everything you could dream of too!

Our collection of bridesmaid dresses boasts a never ending variety of divinely creative designs. These innovative styles will flatter you in the most exquisite way because they not only make you look beautiful, but utterly unique! Our unpredictable styles have delighted the members of bridal parties of countless weddings because they allow each woman to celebrate her individuality rather than be stuck with stuffy and traditional sets that they would otherwise be at the mercy of.

If you are a bride shopping for your bridesmaid’s dresses, why don’t you do them a favor by selecting multiple styles that perfectly match the personality of each of your friends? They will certainly thank you for it, and be flattered that you cherish their spirits so much that you wish to let it be expressed on your wedding day. Thanks to the wide range of colors that we offer, you can find various uniquely designed gowns that perfectly fit within your chosen palette. One glance at our selection of bridesmaid dresses and you won’t want to trust anyone else with the beautiful attire of your wedding!