Selection of Bridal Dress Silhouette

dressBridal dresses are not all the same; they are made with different silhouettes to suit the body type of different brides. According to experts, the very first thing that a bride should look at when buying a dress is the silhouette. The next is style.

Ball gown silhouettes

This type of silhouette style is perfect for any body type except for brides who are extremely small and short or else they will look like a walking sack. In short, brides with small frame should avoid this type of dress. If you are the type of bride who is traditional in style and nature, this is a perfect dress for you. The fabric of this dress is quite heavy so you should practice in wearing ball gowns ahead.

A-line silhouettes

If you look at a bride wearing this type of dress, you will realize that the dress has a shape of letter A. This dress works for everyone especially those brides who want to hide some flaws on their lower body part. This is also a good option for brides who don’t like to wear ball gowns. The difference of an A-line dress from a ball gown is it it’s not that full.

Sheath silhouettes

If you have balanced and slim figure, the best dress that you should wear is the sheath dress according to bridal dress consultants. If there is one thing that you should learn about this dress, it is loving your figure. In short, this style of dress is not fir for brides who don’t like their body figures in the first place. If you cannot pull it off, do not wear it because you will only regret. Sheath dresses are in a way sexy and revealing, so you might feel awkward if you force yourself in wearing it.

Empire silhouettes

This is a perfect style for brides who are pregnant or women who have bigger waistline and hips. With this flowy and light feature, the dress is fit for tropical themed weddings. Moreover, this dress will be neutralizing the look of your plumpy body.

If you browse different bridal photos, you can say that women who have fashionable look are the ones who are wearing bridal dresses with the right silhouette. To help you get the right silhouette for the dress, make sure to hear the opinion of the bridal dress consultant first.

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